Cosmetics for Skin Pigmentation

3-5 minutes reading | Sana Al Manla April 17th, 2020


Skin Pigmentation is one of the most underestimated topics in the world of dermatology and skincare. Everyday women use makeup, 80% of the time to cover discoloration pigmentation-related skin impurities! Makeup is hiding, but skincare is fixing! Luckily, skin pigmentation is easy to explain and understand. To achieve satisfying results in skin pigmentation, there is no silver bullet or magical stick, not with skincare products, nor facials, nor lasers! Patience and confidence is crucial as usually to achieve good results you need 1-3 months of commitment to a good routine followed by maintenance regimens. Let’s get started!


Visible Sun Damage and How to Prevent and Treat


Starting with basics, skin color results from a pigment named melanin, which is the pigment that gives human skin, hair, and eyes, their unique color based on this pigment density. Melanin exists in the upper layers of the skin “epidermis”. This difference in colors is governed by genetics and heredity, but it is also affected through and may change if you are exposed certain factors like sunlight (UV), acne, hormonal changes, some skin diseases (melasma), and many more factors. If you are exposed to these factors, you may experience hyperpigmentation, which means, your skin produces extra melanin, either as a response to trauma, or to protect the skin from UV light damages. This will result in irregularities in your skin tone. The question is, how cosmetics can help with skin pigmentation? Some cosmetics may ruin your skin or make the hyperpigmentation worse! That’s why we encourage science-driven understanding of your skincare product selection.

 Sun UV effect on melanin and skin tone and pigmentations

Before you apply your daily cosmetics, one tip for taking care of your skin pigmentation is to make sure you hydrate your body by drinking 1.5-2.0 liters a day, as well as hydrating your skin by using a proper moisturizer (ointments are thickest and best for dry skin, creams are softer and fits very wide range of skin types, lotions are thinnest and preferred for oily skin or if you prefer less-greasy products). If you don't have a good moisturizer, have a quick look at Jamila's collection of moisturizers:


Whitening cream or anti-spotting creams are a great option to use. These products will help with controlling excess melanin production or reducing accumulated melanin in the upper layer of the skin. Both mechanisms will contribute to brighten your skin through time. If you are > 25 years old, probably you should start using one of those:




When you think of above options, those are your fixation and firefighting options, while you always need to use preventive measures! Sun exposure is the leading factor that drives dark spots, sunspots, darker freckles and melasma. Always make sure to limit your sun exposure and use a proper sunscreen if you suffer from skin tone irregularities. We would recommend you a very good sunscreen by Lacinia:




Finally, a very important step to maintain your natural skin pigmentation, it’s necessary to close up your skin routine after your long days and before you go to sleep, by cleansing any leftovers of your makeup or whatever is accumulated on your skin! Exfoliation is another good option as well. Cleansing will greatly contribute to your glowing skin tone, and it will also help reducing pores and unclogging whiteheads and blackheads. Make sure to moisturize your skin after cleansing or exfoliation.  


Once you try different types of products, it’s always recommended that you familiarize yourself about cosmetic ingredients and the difference between skincare products. You need to develop a good understanding of product composition and ingredients (what the product is made of), and the intended use (classification of the product). When you make a logical connection between the actives used for which purpose, you can select your products in science-informed decision away from any lies or misleading claims. When you know the composition and proposed use of the cosmetic you are about to buy, it makes it easier to know if it is the right product for your skin. Jamila's expert recommends you a carefully selected sets of products to help you start a health skincare routine, some are specific for skin tone, others are more into normal skincare or winkles, check them out and let us know if you have any question.



Consider developing your knowledge and implementing good routines, as they will help you controlling your skin pigmentation, and help you achieve glowing skin tone and healthier skin! Good luck!


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