About Jamila


Jamila Self-Care, your unique source of energy-based devices & and skin care products, was founded by two enthusiast pharmacists supported by an innovative entrepreneur.

They harvest more than 15 years of science and experience in aesthetics, with a passion to help people revealing the secrets of Anatolian and Oriental herbs and active ingredients, and present unique products to the world..

Our Vision

To help you get a healthy and beautiful skin by revealing secrets of ancient Anatolian herbs and novel oriental products.
Natural ingredients carefully selected in scientifc perspective


Our Mission

We pledged ourselves to keep looking for the best products, curating and selecting the highest quality, reviewing your feedback, and our promise: we will always bring you new things to try.

Our Values

Science Aspiration

We consistently update our knowledge so you can get solid proof products.

Sustainable Agility
We will not be the same, we will keep changing. You will change us.
Quality of Care
Because we care about you, about our team, about humanity, about manners.